Back tightness and lumbar relief

My massage session from Erika was one of my best yet! I have struggled with back tightness in my lumbar and no one, not even many visits with my chiropractor was EVER able to release it. However, Erika had me so relaxed and with the softest touch my spine popped! I could have cried from the amazing feeling of relief. Erika has a way with oils and allowing you to feel so relaxed and Wonderful!   

- Dana Ryals (Blue Arrow Equine Massage)


Back and shoulders knot relief

Erika recently came to my house while visiting her daughter Shantal, who lives with me. On her visit she practiced multiple times on me and my mom. In my session she worked on my back and shoulders because I had a lot of knots that were just not budging. During the massage she explained all the movements she was doing as well as what was happening to my muscles. My session was very relaxing with music and essential oils. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Erika has a peaceful nature to her and a beautiful heart. Her massages are incredible and I now have no more knots.   

- Gabby Smith


Feel amazing

Hello Erika, 

First your an amazing friend.  It started out with Aroma touch massage , that was a great experience,  then when you told me you were going to do message School,  I was so excited for you . It has been a great experience for you to practice on me , my body has been experiencing great things, after your message and , I feel amazing . Thank you so much. 

- Sylvia Kunz


Warm, friendly, relaxing environment and great communicator

Erika creates a warm, friendly, relaxing environment which is imperative for an effective massage. She is an excellent communicator and takes the necessary time to understand your individual your situation and needs. I highly recommend Erika for your message needs. 

- Ron Stone


Neck and back relief, oil-infused bonus, thought and care, professional and comfortable

Erika was very supportive in understanding the key areas of concern for my neck and back, not only did I feel comfortable, the oils infused were a bonus. Her thought and care in her massage technique was amazing. Both Me and my husband are reaping the benefits and look forward each time to another great massage!   

- Kim Rackham

Erika's style and approach was professional and comfortable. I will continue to use her services. Thank You!

- Scott Rackham


AromaTouch sessions, life-changing massage, blessing my aging, aching body, in-tune to specific needs

I first met Erika Potts when I responded to her invitation to begin personal training with her at our local gym. For the past three years she has been assisting me in my goal of achieving personal health. She has been training me, challenging me and encouraging me every step of the way. We then added essential oils to my health journey. Again Erika's knowledge has aided me in numerous ways. It was during one of her Aroma Touch Therapy sessions that I began wishing she was a trained masseuse. I began to tell her I thought she had amazing strength in her hands with an amazing touch that produced a deep down relaxation. It wasn't long after, that Erika told me she was enrolled in a massage therapy school.

For the past 8 months Erika has blessed me and my aching, aging body with life-changing massage. She has been a stellar-dedicated student and I have been reaping the benefits of her training. Erika is skilled in many forms of massage. She is also in-tune to the specific needs of my problem areas. I fully trust Erika to know exactly what I need as well as trust her to make sure I am safe, secure and relaxed throughout my treatment. She even patiently helps me to safely get onto the massage table as well as safely get off the table (that's a big deal to me because I'm a big girl who needs all the help she can get).

So, whether you are young and fit and need a deep tissue massage...or a bit older and stiffer and need a soothing Swedish massage...I hope you will place yourself into the caring, compassionate and capable hands of Erika Potts. Your body will thank you.

- Shannon Kellogg 


Gave me the massage I've always wanted!

Erika gave me the massage I’ve always wanted. I’ve had the privilege of receiving multiple massages from Erika, and each one left me feeling phenomenal. Her sessions are personalized, comfortable, and very satisfying. She worked with me to target areas of concern, like my achy lower back and tense shoulders. I loved how Erika used different techniques to best treat my problem areas, from soothing Swiss massage to “heavy-duty” deep tissue. The blend of styles gave me both the benefits of relaxation and long-term healing.

One of my favorite things about Erika’s massage style is that she explains what she is doing as she uses various techniques, and even tells you how your body is responding. It’s fun to see yourself through the perspective of a massage therapist. As you give feedback and answer questions, you become a team. And you learn a lot about yourself during each massage! 

As Erika worked on me, I felt that she was very in-tune with my body. It’s satisfying to feel your muscle responding immediately, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that Erika has healing hands. This is clearly what she was made to do, and she’s delighted to share it with you. Not only does she put her full attention into each session, but she also makes you feel at ease and excited to make progress. I highly recommend Erika and look forward to future massages with her.

-Shantal  Frisbie


Neck pain and back pain, Got me started on oils for my family

I have known Erika for a few years and she also helped me get started with some oils for my family. I happened to see a post that she was in school for massage. My doctor had been telling me for a while that massage was the only thing that would help the neck pain and back pain that I have had for years.  I remembered Erika was in school for that very thing. There was of course no question who was going to be my massage therapist. I contacted Erika and scheduled my first appointment. I immediately could feel my neck and back pain feeing much better. I continued to see Erika every week for a few weeks then once I was feeling 100 times better, I began to go every other week so that I wouldn't undo what she had done. I have not been pain free for years. Life got in the way and I started slacking on my appointments and here I am again back where I started. Needless to say, I will be continuing to keep my appointments from now on. One of the great things is you can go to her or Erika will come to your home which she has done for my husband and I. I definitely recommend Erika for any massage needs you may have. She knows what she's doing and I'm a total believer in massage. 

Thank you for all you do Erika!!!

-Romy Wall


Listened as I communicated my needs and with a caring hand, took care of me

I’ve known Erika for many years. I had the pleasure of joining paths with her when we both jumpstarted our fitness journey. We taught many classes side by side, supporting each other along the way. And after many years that same path we walked down came to an end at exactly the same time. Good thing was, our paths never really separated very far apart. There must have been something keeping these paths close. The journey continued with a friendship, spiritually, personally, physically(fitness, essential oils and massages). There were many times when she was only in my thoughts and other times when I seeked her out for advice on many things. The relationship we have built over the years has made my trust in her undeniable. I have seen her continue to further her education and follow some pretty big dreams. I have had the pleasure of her knowledge and amazing training as I’ve needed my body rejuvenated. She listened as I communicated my needs and with a caring hand, took care of me. I would without a doubt trust her and refer her to my most trusted friends and family. Thank you Erika for loving me.

- JoDee Edwards


Observes and takes time to listen

I love how Erika observes, takes the time to listen to my needs and uses her knowledge in anatomy, talented massage therapist skills and guide my muscles to release  the tension, tightness prompting relaxation.....Haaaaa

- Kathy Guthrie


Skill and knowledge of the human body, careful touch, and constant communication was nothing short of a miracle.

As a school teacher, the effects of stress due to the changes of teaching in front of a computer (thanks, COVID) finally took it's toll on my body.

Due to my ergonomically incorrect posture, keyboard and desk, my neck and back were most effected. I had crippling stiff necks which then made it near impossible to sleep because just turning on my side caused searing pain. My neck mobility was drastically reduced which also had an impact on my driving (it was challenging looking both ways). Ice packs, heating pads, ibuprofen and stretching only brought mild and very temporary relief. Enough was enough so I reached out to Erika, and booked a 90 minute massage. During the session, I experienced immediate relief! Erika's skill, her knowledge of the human body, her careful touch and her constant communication with me during the massage was nothing short of a miracle. At the end of the session, I was able to turn my neck both ways without any pain and with my normal mobility. But this relief was NOT temporary. It's been well over two months since that appointment and I continue to sleep without any pain nor have I had any stiff necks. I highly recommend Erika to those who are truly in need of a "healing massage." She is so gifted and I was blessed by her skills and abilities, and I know you will, too.